To show its dedication to sustainable and responsible tourism, Ataman Tours obtained Green Activities Certificate. Green Activities is a sustainability program and certificate designed for activity program operators and tour operators. In order to get this certificate all applicants must meet various detailed criteria, from environmental management to guest communication, from corporate social responsibility to activity programs.

The Green Activities certificate has been developed with the permission of Foundation of Environmental Education, and it is based on the chapters 1-4 and 11 of the Green Key Criteria for Attractions. The use of the Green Activities label and certificate is overseen by Going Green Oy that is a social enterprise fully owned by Foundation of Environmental Education Finland.

You can read Ataman Tours’ sustainability policy below.

Sustainability policy

Sustainability Policy

Ataman Tours is ambitious to provide services where sustainable development is an integral part of the activities. For this end, we established a sustainability policy that is going to be updated annually. We work actively to promote sustainable development in areas we operate, improve our processes, and set new goals.

We follow all relevant laws, regulations and developments in our field. We also take part in local tourism planning and development by using online sources and newsletters, attending annual meetings, events and symposiums, and being a member of related organisations.

We aim not to disturb local people and their lives in any place our customers visit, from places of worship to the markets. To achieve this, necessary information about rules, traditions, way of life of the society is provided to the customers. Our goal is the satisfaction of customers without any disturbance to the daily lives of locals.

Ataman Tours has its own risk and crisis management plans and provides a safe working environment. The plans are updated regularly in order to fit the changing working conditions. The parties we work with, from freelancers to established companies, are informed about the sustainability measure we take.

As an immigrant owned company, we understand the importance of treating all people fairly and equally. We fight discrimination, xenophobia, racism. We are against all kinds of harassment and exploitation of vulnerable and marginal groups, such as the LGBTQ+ community. For this end, we treat all customers, employees, freelancers and subcontractors fairly.

Regarding our direct environmental impact, Ataman Tours design and provide environmentally friendly tours in which cars, vans, or buses are not used. Instead, customers walk and use public transportation. Advice on why and how to use public transportation is provided to each customer. This way they can minimise their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

To support the local economy, we direct our customers to locally owned and managed cafes, restaurants, accommodations and companies with sustainability certificates. Necessary information and tips are provided to all our customers regarding Finnish design brands, local products and shops.

Ataman Tours aims to be at the forefront of responsible tourism, inspiring its competitors, customers, and staff to participate in supporting sustainable development.

Sustainability policy