Unique Walking Tours

Check out these unique Helsinki walking tours that will show you the city from different perspectives. You can book your private/public tour with the Book Now button below. Click on pictures to get more information about the tours on their dedicated pages.

Helsinki City Tour

In this walking tour, we will be walking together in and around the city centre. You will discover Helsinki’s secrets, learn its history and culture and find answers to cunning questions. You will leave this tour with a better understanding of Helsinki and Finland in general. Click for more info

(45 euros per person, max. 6 persons, duration 3 hours)

Architecture tour

Architecture Tour

Helsinki is a gem for architecture enthusiasts. It is impossible to find another urban space that houses a wide range of architectural styles like Helsinki; Neoclassical, Neorenaissance, Neogothic, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, National Romanticism, Art Deco, Nordic Classicism, Modernism, Functionalism, and contemporary styles in a compact city centre. Click for more info

(55 euros per person, max. 6 persons, duration 3 hours)

Helsinki tram tour

Tram Tour

This is the city where things work, and public transportation is no exception. It works flawlessly and is ranked among the best, not just in Europe but in the world. Helsinki also has one of the oldest tram systems in the world that dates back to 1891! In the city centre areas, trams are the first choice of the locals when it comes to public transportation. Click for more info

(55 euros per person, max. 6 persons, duration 3,5 hours)

Church Tour

Helsinki has so many churches from different eras where you can meditate, join events and concerts, or just marvel at the architectural styles. This Church Tour is for guests who wants to see the various beautiful cathedrals and churches located in Helsinki, learning about their significance for the Finns. Click for more info

(60 euros per person, max. 6 persons, duration 3 hours)

Grand Tour

See as much as you can in half a day, visit all the major attractions, lesser known but important places, and use public transportation. Flexible itinerary arranged according to your preferences. Tour lasts 6 hours; includes a day ticket valid for 24 hours for public transportation and entrance tickets to the Rock Church. Click for more info

(500 euros per group, duration 6 hours)

Private Walking Tour

If you want to enjoy a walking tour only with your own group or yourself, then a private tour is for you. In this tour you will have control as it will be customized according to your preferences and you will enjoy the personal touch. You can choose the places and attractions you want to visit and there are also different itineraries that you can choose from.

(200 euros per group, duration 3 hours)