Here are some simple tips to take part in responsible and sustainable tourism and enjoy the tours Ataman Tours provide:

-Bring your own reusable water bottle. You can fill your bottles during our stops at various locations free of charge. Helsinki has very high-quality tap water so you don’t need to worry. This way, you can avoid using plastic bottles and creating extra waste. A small step in the right direction.

-You can also bring your own thermos. During the tours, we make various stops at cafes to get warm drinks. If you bring your thermos you would avoid using single use disposable cups. Moreover, as outside temperatures can be pretty low in Helsinki, you will keep your drinks warmer and enjoy them longer. And if you bring your own thermos/cup, many cafes in Helsinki would give you a handsome discount.

-Be respectful of local customs and cultures and follow the rules. For example, always remember to be silent in places of worship and libraries. Also, when in Helsinki, do as the Helsinkians do; avoid jaywalking, use crosswalks to cross the streets.

-Always dress for the weather. It is important to have extra layers for warmth as Helsinki is a windy city with high humidity. This can make you feel colder in open areas, parks, on the shoreline, etc. Thermal inlays are perfect solutions for this problem.

-Wear comfortable shoes that fit your feet. During winter months, remember to wear shoes that will keep your feet warm. During summer months, avoid sandals, flip flops etc. as they can cause discomfort in long walks.

-Remember to wear soft and warm socks (for example, merino wool) that will keep your feet warm but will not create excess heat and cause your feet to sweat.

-On rainy days, a raincoat or a goretex jacket would a good idea. As Helsinki can be pretty windy, umbrella may not come in handy. You may also not want to carry an umbrella for hours during our walks.

-Check the difficulty level of the tours you will join on the website. Do not worry, all tours are easy going but it is a good idea to be mentally prepared. Labels are also simple. Easy; pretty easy-going, anyone can join and enjoy, without any uphills. Moderate; easy-going, includes some steps here and there, also with some uphills. Difficult; can be challenging, a good fitness level is required.

-Arrive at the meeting point early, 10-15 minutes before the tour starts. This way we can do the meet&greet without losing time, get to know other guests, talk about the tour and the route, not make other guests wait and maybe enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

-Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the tours, sustainable tourism, Helsinki, Finland, or life :)). You can always contact Ataman Tours by sending an email to or sending a WhatsApp message to +358451303200 or by using contact form. And remember to check Ataman Tours’ sustainability policy.

-One last thing, remember to bring your camera and good vibes!