About Me

Few words about me. My name is Emek and I was born and raised in Denizli-Turkey, famous for UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Pamukkale and Hierapolis. I have to tell you, if you haven’t been there, you are missing out!

I graduated as a city planner from the Faculty of Architecture in Middle East Technical University in Ankara; got my master’s degree there and worked as a research assistant while continuing my PhD studies in the Urban Policy Planning program. After my contract ended, I worked in the private sector. Around that time came the best decision of my life: applying to the University of Helsinki’s Urban Studies and Social Policy PhD program and moving to Helsinki!

moving to Helsinki

And this decision wasn’t just a roll of the dice

I fell in love with Helsinki while I was visiting my cousin, during a cold and snowy November years before my move. I knew instantly, this was the city I want to live in. Well, if you can enjoy Helsinki in November, then you surely will love the winters and summers 🙂


The beauty of snowy winters, the green explosion in spring, white nights in summer and the autumn foliage, the ruska! Such a peaceful, safe, functional, green, and beautiful city Helsinki is.

Then I walked and walked and walked some more, discovering new places, streets, neighbourhoods, bars, cafes, parks, forests, islands, and bays. I felt that I can combine my love and admiration for Helsinki with my knowledge and research about its history, culture, planning and architecture. So I made the 2nd best decision of my life: I established my company Ataman Tours and became an authorised Helsinki guide.


my tours

The tours I provide are not crowded, pre-scripted, touristy tours. My tours are safe and intimate; I provide small-group tours. They are always interactive; I enjoy answering all sorts of questions about Helsinki and Finland. They are personal; your interests and preferences will dictate our route. We will be walking; it just doesn’t get more environmentally friendly and sustainable than that. Please remember to check Ataman Tours’ sustainability policy.

Ataman Tours Helsinki